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4 Simple Methods to Protect Your Kids’ Lives and Health Today

What can I monitor with the software?

Digital world surrounds us wherever we go and even if we stay at home all the time. Our kids are growing and there comes a time when they dive into this world completely. Parents should pay attention to the way their children use the Internet and digital gadgets because they do not always give positive experience and sometimes they can even hurt children. One of the most effective ways to protect your kids from any digital danger is using parental control software. It doesn’t mean you don’t trust your children anymore; it means you will always be the first to come and help in case of danger.

Depending on age, kids can use different gadgets daily. However, let’s consider using the most common ones: a smartphone, a tab, a laptop and a PC. We’ll shortly tell you how to use such software of each of the mentioned devices. If you’re new to using the software, try testing its work on your gadgets to make sure everything works fine. And you should keep in mind that you will have little time for installing the program.

Track the location of the smartphone. If you spend most of your time at work, you can easily see where your children are at any moment you wish. You will get a map with the spot on it. If you see the place you see for the first time, you can go there and prevent any unwanted actions.

Record calls and messages. If anyone is bullying your kid at school, you will find it out by listening to calls and reading the messages. The calls are recorded and stored on the phone of your kid and then they are sent to your email. You can check the inbox at work, so no one will ever guess you’re a spy.

Watch your kid through the web camera. If your kid doesn’t let you come into his or her room and you feel really worried about that, find the time to install the parental software on the laptop. Take your laptop and see what’s going in the kid’s room via the front camera.

View the visited websites and webpages. Children spend much time surfing the internet and they often see the content that doesn’t match their age. At the beginning it happens accidentally, but then they do it by themselves intentionally. The list of websites and some pages will help you reduce the negative impact of picture, videos and weird stories.

Protect your children today

It sometimes seems that nothing wrong can ever happen to your kids and you feel safe and secure at home. But your kids are likely to use social networks and provide their personal information for both good and bad people. Any burglar can find out when you’re not at home and which way your kid goes from school to home. You should know what information your kid provides for public and you can do it with the software.

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