Children's Safety

Three Ways to Guarantee Your Children’s Safety in The Digital World

Check e-mail messages

Parents are forced to come to deal with reality, sometimes children are much better versed in the cyber world, even able to hide any activity on the network. Is there cause for alarm? Of course! Is the situation hopeless? No. You still can get a variety of useful and practical information on the World Wide Web. And it is not necessary to be an expert in the fields of electronic to protect your child from harm.

Today, wireless communication allows children to access the Internet from mobile phones. You can go to cafes with free wi-fi. And even better is going home to the friend. With such an abundance of options it is not surprising that parents don’t know what their kids are interested in. Let’s look at what online things attract young people, the danger they pose and what you can do with it.

It is a communication sent by e-mail. They allow you to quickly and cost-effectively correspond with family and friends. But there are unsolicited messages, known as spam; they are not only clogging up the inbox but also often contain suggestions and hints at something immoral and indecent. Parental control software will record every incoming and outgoing message, so you will be the first to know about any dangerous situation.

Know the visited websites

Websites are very actively used by unscrupulous people and all kinds of crooks. Many websites contain pornography; they are easy to get out of ignorance. For example, most of the pornography in one form or another child see when preparing homework. But sometimes kids can search for any adult content intentionally, so you should always watch the list of visited sites with the help of software. You will see every web page even if your children know how to delete the history in the browser.

Many websites provide virtually trouble-free access to gambling. And since gambling often leads to gambling addiction, it causes great concern among experts on the Internet. There are also sites glorifying and supporting the anorectic lifestyle. There are websites which incite intolerance, prejudice, and hatred towards ethnic minorities and religious groups. Some sites contain programs on how to grow drugs, their manufacturing process, and their use. Some websites can teach to prepare poisons, make bombs and carry out attacks. Websites abound with electronic games with extreme cruelty and bloodshed. Therefore, parental control software is highly recommended to use.

Start monitoring chats

It is a program for direct communication via text messages. How do they attract? The child can communicate with strangers that have common interests with him or her. What you need to know – criminals and deviants use such chats to predispose children to the virtual and later and actual sexual contact. With the help of software, you will be able to read every message of the chat and prevent any weird friendships. You will receive all the messages into your inbox and you can check them at any time of day or night. Good luck!

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