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It’s Time to Save Your Children from The Online and Offline Harm

Parental Control Software

A Super Tool for Spying

What can make you sure that your kids are safe and sound? They’re not hungry, they don’t have injuries on their bodies, etc. But do you know what they’re doing when they go online? What do they see and feel during that time? Do they keep in touch with any bad adult? There can be too many similar questions, but don’t hurry to switch off the wifi at home or take away all the gadgets to check them. There’s a special parental control software for monitoring the kids activity no matter they’re online or offline. Scroll down to find out more.

The first thing to keep in mind that your actions should be secret and no one should know about this. Otherwise, it can spoil the relationships in your family. The software is installed like any other application and it’s invisible for the device owner. It means the app is working, but you won’t see it in the application or task manager. You can install it on Android, MacOS and Windows devices. If you don’t have such, you can buy and make a present for your kids.

The first and the most important thing to know will be the location of the device. You can go to work and stay calm about where your kid is at the moment. You will receive a map with the kid spotted on it. This feature works via GPS and it can save lives. Another thing to check is how much time your kids spend online and what sites they’re visiting. Even if they are clever enough to delete the browser history, you will get the list of websites and the screenshots of them into your email inbox.

Preventing online harm

The software for parents can show you what people your kids keep in touch with. You can see their faces and their age. If you notice that an adult wants to meet with a 10-year boy and show him a paradise, you should immediately take actions. Children are very trustful, so they cannot distinguish bad intentions and good ones. How can you find it out with the app? It’s easy.

The application will record all the things your kid is typing on the keyboard; it will make screenshots of the conversation, you will get the link to the website or chat room. You can find this person online on that website and see who he or she is. If you see something weird and sometime passed, you can track the location of the kid’s phone via GPS and go to that place at once.

What about the offline world?

As you see, the parental control software can save lives, prevent any harmful influence coming from the online world. One more thing that can make your kids mark is playing computer games. They are all divided into age categories, but kids can play adult games without asking for your permission. The software will let you know what your child is doing in front of the computer even if there isn’t the internet connection.

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